tactical training for law enforcement, security and military professionals

Since 2002, the mission of Strategos International has been to provide government, law enforcement and military professionals the highest quality security, safety and tactical training/consulting. These solutions are applicable and based in reality.


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strategos tactical training philosophy and methodology

Our creed is that Capability Breeds Humility. The more capable a person becomes through quality training the more humble they become. This in turn makes them better public servants. With a lack of training, protectors many times respond to the crisis from a fear-based paradigm, which can escalate a situation leading to a negative outcome. Through quality training, that same officer can respond with confidence – but more importantly – sound tactics and wise decision-making and understanding. This allows the protector to de-escalate the situation with a better likelihood of a positive outcome for everyone involved. This reduces use-of-force incidents and complaints as well as liability. In today’s tension filled society, officers – now more than ever – need a higher level of training to meet our community’s expectations.  

Our training and consulting strategies have been developed through years of hands-on education, experience and client feedback. Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is principle based and designed to be customizable depending on the client’s unique requirements. A course can be provided for entry-level law enforcement/military personnel up to advanced tactics for top tier operators. Strategos can provide a one-day operator course up to a five-day instructor level course.  

During our training, we feature:

  • Rigorous force-on-force simulation

  • Practical and advanced live-fire courses

  • Low light precision rifle training

  • Low-light instructor courses

  • Use of force doctrine seminars

  • Defensive tactics/combatives training

Tactical Course Descriptions


Active Shooter Response Courses

Low Light Strategies Courses

Other Tactical Courses

Firearms Instructor Courses

Firearms Instructor Development and Skill Development Courses


Less Lethal

Tactical Security Courses for Churches


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Hosting tactical training

Strategos International partners with host facilities for training. The host agency receives two free slots for the hosted course and simply needs to provide a training location and minimal logistical support. Hosting a training is also a way to benefit other law enforcement agencies and protectors in your area.

Course logistical needs

  • Classroom with audio/visual capabilities

  • For tactical courses, training facilities that allow force-on-force weapons use (we currently use Airsoft in our force-on-force training so it is more cost effective and easier to clean up).

  • If appropriate to the course being hosted, a live fire range with target stands and targets.

This is a general list and, depending on the specific course being hosted, there may be additional minor needs. We provide the force-on-force training equipment (guns, Airsoft ammunition and gas) as well as helmets and masks for safety gear.

To learn more about hosting a course, please contact Mark Warren, vice president.


Law Enforcement Consultation Services

Inflammatory cultural influences have increased anti-police sentiment, resulting in dramatically increased scrutiny of law enforcement organizations. Strategos International provides consulting to law enforcement agencies to help them provide effective, respectful and publicly accountable policing.

Often, an independent and outside agency can help law enforcement leaders overcome objections that they cannot impartially judge their own actions. We use independent, objective evaluation standards supplied by law enforcement subject matter experts.
In addition, we endeavor to help the agency maintain a positive work environment during our consultation. 

Our services include

  • Operations assessments

  • Work environment and culture assessments

  • Objective complaint investigations

  • Post-force investigations

Strategos can provide these services on an incident-based or retainer-based basis. Contact us for more information.

Operations assessments
This voluntary assessment format focuses evaluating an agency’s operations standards when compared to nationally recognized best-practice policing. 

Work environment culture assessments
This assessment evaluates the work environment and culture of the organization based on the feelings and perceptions of its employees. Findings are delivered through measurable data to identify patterns and trends rather than individual concerns or perceptions. This service identifies opportunities for improvement of perceptions and morale.

Objective and independent complaint investigations
One of accusations most difficult to counter is that the agency is “investigating its own.” Even utilizing a neighboring jurisdiction to investigate complaints will not eliminate this perception because of concerns about bias. Our investigative service allows the organization to eliminate or drastically reduce this perception and provide fact-based findings.

Post-force investigations
Strategos International investigates and provides independent, context- and fact-based findings that are based on a review of agency policies, contemporary policing standards and the “objective reasonableness” doctrine.