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Force Sector Model for Law Enforcement (1-Day)

  • Auburn Police Department Training Facility 1131 West Auburn Drive Auburn, IN 46706 United States (map)

Note: This course is only for members of law enforcement.

The Strategos International Force Sector Model is a revolutionary way of thinking, evaluating and making decisions that culminates in productive action while operating in compressed timeframes.

Every law enforcement interaction involves a level of force. The central policy in all law enforcement general orders/standard operating procedures is the use of force policy.

The use of force policy is based on a graphic model representing the departmentally recognized levels of threat and corresponding levels of reasonable force.




Upon completion of the course, all participants will be able to view, understand, and explain the Force Sector Model as it applies to their agency’s use of force policy. Further, the participant will understand Boyd’s Cycle and how it creates an interaction between the officer and subject in every conflict. Participants will be able to integrate Boyd’s Cycle into their articulation of force option selection as well as classifying each use of force tool into one of the 10 specified force sectors.

Participants who successfully complete the 4-hour end user course will receive:

  • Force Sector Model Student Handbook (print and digital versions)
  • Product discounts not available to the public
  • Course completion certificate

Instructor background or training preferable

The course will cover the following:

  • Boyd’s Cycle
  • The Force Sector Model
  • Officer/Threat Interaction
  • Time and Distance Compression in conflict situations
  • Articulation of Force Selection using the Force Sector Model
  • Administrative requirements for Program Delivery