At Strategos, we protect what matters most.

It's a dangerous world out there.

Active shooters. Workplace violence. Attacks on schools and churches.

In our chaotic culture, no one gets a pass. Yet we don't have to be passive.

Strategos International, an innovative leader in security training, consulting and protective services, is here to safeguard people and property.

Whether you're a business, school, hospital or church, we can equip your organization to analyze, anticipate and overcome threats from without and within.

We've equipped more than 150,000 people (and counting) since 2002.

Hope is not a strategy. Action is. Contact us about protecting what matters most.


If there's anything we've learned about active shooters and violent intruders it's this: It can happen here. And since it can, we must be ready. Whether you represent a business, school or church, the price of doing nothing is too high.

Shaking our head, then putting it back in the sand, is not an option – at least not an option a reasonable leader would take.

At Strategos International, we believe the people on the scene at the attack are the true first-responders. What they (you) do may determine who lives or dies that day.

Our hope is that you'll experience our training, develop confidence and skills, and never have to use it. But if you do, you'll be prepared.

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We're committed to keeping kids S.A.F.E.

No one chooses to become a victim. But we can choose not to be helpless. Through preparation, we can prevent our children from becoming statistics. Our training is for kids age 5-13 and parents are welcomed and encouraged to take part.

Our S.A.F.E. acronym stands for:

  • Scan

  • Avoid

  • Fight

  • Escape

In addition to training children, Strategos trains the trainers so that the web of S.A.F.E. kids instructors keeps advancing to more communities.

Security consulting, investigations, surveillance and protection services

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MEETING THE security challenges of businesses and health care 

When it comes to protecting people and property, we bring a servant’s heart and a warrior’s mindset.

Our services to businesses, organizations, health care providers and individuals include:

  • Personnel and facility protection

  • Security planning and consulting

  • Investigation and surveillance services

  • Business and health care security training

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Strategos was founded based on our core competencies of providing law enforcement and military tactical training. Since our founding in 2002, we have trained thousands of law enforcement and military professionals in the United States, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

We provide training in these areas for private security, law enforcement and military agencies:

  • Firearms

  • Defensive tactics

  • Force on force

  • Less lethal training

  • Live fire

  • Use of force

  • Compliance and control

  • Tactical medical