Vaughn Baker to Arkansas Media: "Fear is having a problem without a solution."

Original photo: Flickr, jsawkins news

Original photo: Flickr, jsawkins news

Strategos trained Lake Hamilton School District personnel to prevail over active shooters.

Strategos President Vaughn Baker was interviewed by the Hot Springs (Ark.) Sentinel Record about its active shooter training for the Lake Hamilton School District.

From the report:
Since the Parkland, Fla., school shooting in February and the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, in May, Strategos has received an increased volume of inquiries from schools around the country on how to prepare for an active shooter event.

"We offer protection services for organizations, but our primary role is to teach them how to be safe when we're not around. We call it 'training the true first responder,'" Baker said. 

Fear is having a problem without having a solution so what actually happens when we come in and train is we reduce fear, and we reduce anxiety because we’re giving them a solution to their problem and empowering them to know how to protect themselves,
— Strategos President Vaughn Baker
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