Strategos' Indiana training featured in The Star

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Insructor Chris DePue teaches an Auburn, Ind., audience to "lock out, get out and take out."

Strategos International was featured in the The Star of DeKalb County, Ind., for a workplace violence training in Auburn, Ind. The seminar was conducted by Strategos Instructor Chris Depue.

From the report:
“Depue explained the old strategy of ‘run, hide and fight,’ doesn’t produce a good survival rate. Instead, Strategos teaches ‘the three outs’: lock out, get out and take out.

“Lock out is getting employees and visitors to a safe place where they can be locked away securely. Get out is the opposite, running from the building if there is time to get away from a shooter. The last is take out, fighting the shooter with any means possible. Depue said the goal is to prevail, not just survive.

They expect you to be a soft target. They’re not expecting a fight.
— Strategos Instructor Chris DePue

Other highlights:

  • “We’re not training for the frequency, we’re training for the impact.”
  • “Get beat on your feet, not on your back.”

Read the entire article here.