Mark Warren Interviewed on School Safety

The St. Joseph News-Press consulted Strategos Vice President Mark Warren about security lapses at local schools.

From the article:
On three recent trips to Central High School, a News-Press Now investigation found that visitors were able to enter the building without stating who they were and why they were wanting to gain entry. Simply pressing the button on a call box camera at the front door proved sufficient to get inside.

“You see this on a regular basis. You’re not the first one that’s seen it,” Warren said. “I’ve seen it way too many times. The buzzer goes off. They just push the button, they don’t even look at the screen to see who’s there. ... A parent that does not have custodial rights could be coming in. A parent that has an order of protection against them that is not to have contact with a child and is trying to pick them up.”

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