CHURCH active shooter and intruder response training

We live in an unpredictable world.

The mission of Strategos International is to equip businesses, schools and churches to be prepared for the unforeseen.

Whether intruders are armed with a handgun, a rifle or simply a bad attitude, they can cause catastrophic damage.

While calling 911 is an absolute essential, it still takes police at least four minutes to arrive. When an active-shooter is assaulting your students or employees, that’s an eternity.

Strategos’ active shooter training is designed with the idea that you – the person on the scene when the attack occurs – are the true first-responder. What you do may determine who lives and dies that day.

While we’d like to think that people can rise to the occasion, it’s more accurate to state that people rise – or fall – based on the level of their training. Our natural responses to violent intruders are often completely at odds with what we need to do to prevail. Absent training, people have often:

  • Run toward the sound of gunfire to confirm that the threat was real.
  • Engaged in “normalcy bias” – denying that they’re under attack despite overwhelming evidence.
  • Freeze in place instead of taking fundamental actions such as locking a door.

We’ve trained more than 125,000 people (and counting). Knowledge is power – power to resist and prevail against a violent intruder.

When people are trained, they can respond to a threat with confidence and resolve. 


Church Security Training

For years, many churches assumed that "it can't happen here." It took catastrophic active-shooter events for the majority of congregations to realize that they, too, were vulnerable to a church shooter. Strategos International is a faith-based organization and understands the vital role that churches bring to communities. We not only train churches in security, we provide it in the congregations where we worship. Strategos is adamant that churches do not have to (and should not) "militarize" in order to have a secure environment. In addition, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to church security. While a set of core principles must be followed, there is a diversity of approaches toward protecting congregations.

Church security courses

Tactical Security Courses for Churches


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There are three ways to view our listing of church security courses. 

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