"This is MUST attend training for all pastors, staff and church security personnel"
Steve Ijames - James River Assembly Church - Retired Springfield, MO Police Dept.

  "This training course has given me a much greater insight in the ability to prepare written procedures & guiding biblical principles . . . "
Rod Land - Concord Baptist Church - Jefferson City, MO.

  "The teaching was GREAT! I was BLOWN AWAY by the broad knowledge & information given at this seminar. 1-day and you get enough information and knowledge to begin a security team, medical team, nursing staff, and so much more. I need to tell you from a Pastor's perspective it was awesome!"
Pastor Barry Young - Crown Pointe Church - Lee's Summit, MO

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Inter-Faith Church Security & Intruder Response
Course Length: 1 Days

1Day Inter-Faith Intruder Response TN



Our mission in providing “Inter-Faith Intruder Response” as well as “Church Security” training/consulting is based on Matthew 10:16 (NJKV version)

Persecutions Are Coming

Matthew Chpt. 10:v. 16 - Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Although we don't like to think violent acts occurring within the church walls, it is something for which we are obligated to prepare. There are several good reasons that we must Pray, Prepare, Prevent & prevail. Many types of incidents (both big & small) could happen and have happened within churches all over the country. Church leaders have an obligation to church members, parishioners, and every visitor who steps inside our doors to provide a safe environment for worship.

  Are You a Church Leader . . . ?
  • Pastor of a church responsible for shepherding your congregation regardless of size. (small, medium or mega-church)
  • Business Administrator of a church responsible for risk management, emergency planning and managing safety issues.  Additionally you may be responsible for locating, interviewing and conducting background checks from a human resources point of view.
  • Facility Manager of a church responsible for physical maintenance, security and safety of the church.
  • Children, Sunday School or Youth Director of a church responsible for safety, security and accountability for children and youth entrusted to your care.
  • Security/Safety Director of a church responsible for planning and implementation of your church's safety and security ministry.
  • Law Enforcement Professional who wants to start or participate in a security ministiry for the church that you attend.

Then the 1-Day Inter-Faith Intruder Response Seminar is a MUST attend event!

The bottom line is that because of the world we live in we are obligated as church leaders to recognize the following facts in regards to our obligation to our church members, parishioners, visitors and those with whom within the walls we have been entrusted with.

What are the Facts?

  • Acts of violence are on the increase in churches and other public places due to: Increased media attention
  • Copycat acts by those who want to “outdo” a previous act are typically committed by those wanting to be remembered . . . regardless the costs.
  • These violent acts have included robbery, assault, rape, religiously motivated hate crimes, domestic relationships gone bad, etc.
  • The majority of violent acts are carried out by people who have a current or former connection to the congregation.
  • There are frequently warning signs or pre-act indicators that should to be taken seriously and communicated to those responsible for protecting our churches.
  • Most churches are unprepared to recognize, prevent or respond to acts of violence and the tragic results of these acts.
  • Church staff, volunteers, members, and visitors have the right to feel safe and protected while in attendance and service.

Some Things to Think About
Starting, improving or professionalizing your church’s security ministry should include several considerations including but not limited to:

  • Associated Liabilities & Risk Management
  • Nursery & Sunday School Security – Policies & Procedures
  • Armed or Unarmed Security Presence – What’s right for your Church?
  • Educating & Training Usher Teams & Church Greeters
  • Communication Protocols between Ministry Teams
  • Offering/Tithes Protection & Transport
  • Emergency Action Planning – Policies & Procedures
  • Medical Emergency Response Planning – Policies & Procedures
  • Background Checks for Church Volunteers & Staff
  • Financial Asset Protection – Policies & Procedures
  • Developing an Outreach for Law Enforcement
  • Pastoral Staff Personal Security
  • Physical Security for Church Buildings – Construction & Surveillance Systems
  • Understanding the Islamic Totalitarianism Threat

What are the Risks?

  • No church should assume...“it won't happen here.” This attitude contradicts the biblical principle outlined in Matthew 10:16
  • Churches & religious organizations of all sizes, locations and demographics have experienced random acts of violence...often with tragic results.

Can violent acts at Churches be prevented?

The likelihood of violent acts can be reduced by preparing in advance. Many instances of potential violence can be recognized in advance and either prevented or mitigated once they do occur through effective, advance preparation.

What can your Church do to Prepare?
Any type of preparation begins with education. The right solution for your church will depend on several factors:

  • History & demographics of the community and potential risk factors identified
  • Recognize potentially escalating events within the church membership, visitors or those your pastoral staff is counseling. Examples include: A former member who has been ex-communicated
  • An estranged spouse who has been domestically violent with a member of the church
  • Addicts receiving counseling (now or in the past) for various addictions (drug, sexual, gambling, pornographic, etc.)
  • Develop a policy to confidentially communicate potentially escalating situations to pastoral staff and also to appropriate security personnel or church leaders.
  • Establish and train either a covert or overt security presence within your church. Some options for this would include: Establish & Train Security
  • Team Hire a Professional Security Firm
  • Hire off-duty Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Recruiting Law Enforcement Professionals to Your Church as Volunteers

Want to learn more or discuss what options are right for your Church?

– Attend a 1-day seminar. Simply visit our SEMINAR page for a full schedule of upcoming seminars. Seminars include a comprehensive overview of church security issues, Interfaith Intruder Response & Q/A sessions for your individual security needs.

OPTION #2 – Contact us via EMAIL to discuss consultancy services that are totally flexible, scaleable and customizable for your churches individual needs. These services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Onsite Security Surveys
  • Establish & Train Security Team (Overt or Covert) (Armed vs. Unarmed)
  • Written Policy & Procedure Development
  • Pastoral Staff Protection Training
  • Pastoral Staff Protection Services
  • A to Z Church Security Program Development

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